Worst case scenario… white sofa plus red wine.

We got an emergency call to rescue this expensive white sofa after an unnamed Hollywood celebrity (no, names will not be mentioned!) filming on the Gold Coast, had a wine mishap. To be honest the sofa really needed a clean anyway!


Red wine spill on white sofa


Red wine spill on white sofa

We are really happy with the great results achieved and in optimum turn around time too. The client was thrilled with not only the stain removal but how clean the cushions now are! The owner was thinking of replacing this sofa before, now she is keeping it and booked us to clean the others.

If you think your lounge is looking a little worse for wear or you’ve had a celebrity visit and spill wine on it, call Ulysses Total Cleaning now, you too will be surprised by the new lease of life we can give your sofa.

Ask our technician about Fabric Protection to help minimise wine (and other spills) from staining your sofa!

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