Crime & Squalor Cleanups Gold Coast

Crime scene cleanups

Crime scenes require a trained professional team and the correct equipment to address the situation.

When a crime has occurred police and investigators use special chemicals to check for fingerprints; this leaves behind a residue on most surfaces of the property requiring professional cleaning to completely remove.

In addition, the scene may have become a biohazard – in this case specialised training, protective equipment, knowledge of appropriate health and safety measures and the use of stain removal techniques, anti microbials and biocides will be required. By choosing Ulysses Total Cleaning you will ensure that a qualified professional addresses your needs in a prompt and sensitive manner, returning your property free of contaminants, odours and chemical stains as soon as possible.

Squalor cleanups

Squalor is an extreme build-up of dirt, dust and waste that has occurred over an extended period of time without adequate (or any) cleaning. This can include mould, rotting food, filth, odours, human and animal waste. This kind of situation is beyond a general clean that an untrained person can perform and it is best if addressed as soon as possible.

Our team has the experience and training in restoration of a property that has become a squalor. We adhere to all health and safety regulations, make use of protective equipment where necessary and our cleaning methods and systems ensure all work is performed to the highest standard.

Why choose Ulysses Total Cleaning for Crime and Squalor Clean up?

  • Experienced, trained and reliable professional team
  • Discretion and sensitivity
  • Prompt and reliable response times, 24/7 emergency Response
  • We use the highest quality cleaning chemicals and safetey equipment
  • A proven track record of delivering quality results and testimonials from our satisfied customers


    Jena Dyco
    IICRC Certified
    Woolsafe Service Provider
    Woolsafe Fibre Care Specialist

    Ulysses Total Cleaning are Trained Professionals with the correct equipment and experience to get your home clean and free of odours and contaminants. Our professional and understanding staff are ready to answer any questions to assist you.
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