Fire Damage Cleaning Gold Coast

Fire and Smoke contamination is a specialised field. Our initial assessment of the job will include estimation of costs and developing a detailed scope of works to map out the areas where soot, smoke and odour have travelled within the building. This can include windows, ceilings and even closed cavities. Odour sources and damaged material will need specialised cleaning and chemicals to be effective so that ongoing secondary damage doesn’t occur.

We can perform a complete clean of all your upholstery, carpets or rugs to remove odour and soot with specialised smoke counteractants. In this difficult time, all works will be conducted in a manner that assists the home owner in returning to their home as quickly as possible. Our certified technicians will photograph and document to have a precise report for insurance and justification of all works completed.

Why choose Ulysses Total Cleaning for fire damage cleaning?

  • Fire and Smoke Damage Contamination Assessment
  • Concise Scope of Works
  • Remove Source of the Odour
  • Soot Removal and Cleaning
  • Smoke Odour Elimination & Surface Cleaning
  • Fire Damaged Content Cleaning and Restoration
  • Structural Restoration Reporting


    Jena Dyco
    IICRC Certified
    Woolsafe Service Provider
    Woolsafe Fibre Care Specialist

    Ulysses Total Cleaning are trained cleaning and restoration professionals ready to help get you back into your home as soon as possible. Call the team at Ulysses Total Cleaning now to arrange an inspection and scope of work assessment.
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