Moving house is such a big job and one that many underestimate, it can quickly become overwhelming. There is so much to do, packing all your belongings which often includes a trip or two to the dump to clear out clutter, the heavy lifting to pack a truck, then of course more heavy lifting to unpack the truck. Hours of upacking, sorting and setting up the new property, oh and unless your very lucky you no doubt still had to go to work in this time, take kids to school and cook dinner, at this stage your back is in a world of hurt and now thats all done you need to return to the old property and ensure it is spotlessly clean so you get your bond refunded!! Sound like a lot, that’s because it is, and as many would attest save yourself some of the trouble and hire a professional cleaner, it is worth every dollar you spend. The last thing you want to think about when you’re moving house is the cleaning… but failing to do so can be costly! If you want your bond back (which of course everybody does) you’re going to have to put in some serious effort.

Failing to return your property in the same state you received it in will equate to forgoing part or all of your bond, which is generally equivalent to one month’s rent in Queensland… a handy sum! Not to be underestimated!

End of lease cleaning is not like your average “spring clean”. Real Estate Agencies and Landlords expect much more than a wipe-down and a vacuum… we’re talking places and appliances that have probably never been cleaned properly: light fixtures, ovens, ceiling fans, stubborn bathroom grime and hard to reach places you’ve never considered trying to clean! Trust us, they’ll find it, and they’ll deduct your returns.

While you may be confident and able to do the cleaning yourself, we strongly advise you have a read of these 15 Quick Tips before you start:

1. Start cleaning once completely ‘moved out’, so you don’t have to work around furniture and belongings.
2. Have a system: we recommend ‘top down’ approach – starting with architraves, light fixtures, ceiling fans… and working down to floor level.
3. Window coverings, such as louvres, blinds and curtains are regularly overlooked, and a target for agencies. Consider laundering any detachable curtains.
4. Don’t forget kitchen appliances: oven, stovetop (including stove hood and filters), refrigerator (including freezer), microwave and dishwasher – clean and degrease!
5. Double-check every inch of kitchen and pantry walls for grease and food splatters and stains.
6. Take all cutlery, utensils and cooking equipment out of cupboards and draws (even stuff you don’t own) to clean underneath, before putting back in place.
7. When cleaning bathrooms: tubs, showers, sinks and toilets, don’t neglect the tiles, grout lines and fixtures.
8. When wiping down countertops and cupboards, don’t forget the edges of doors, as well as inside cupboards and drawers.
9. For furniture that came with the house, still ensure you empty and clean the furniture, and move it to clean under or behind, before returning to original position.
10. Vacuum thoroughly, most agents will request carpets are professionally cleaned.
11. After mopping, a test of cleanliness is when a damp white towel wiped on the floor comes up clean.
12. Don’t forget to wipe all doorknobs, drawer pulls, closet handles, etc.… these are often the first things to be checked.
13. Clean mirrors, windows and other shiny surfaces until there are absolutely no streaks. Dont forget the wondow tracks, simply vacuuming these is not sufficient they need to be
completely cleaned out.
14. Finally, make sure you remove any rubbish or debris from the premises, because otherwise you might be charged for its disposal.

15. Golden Tip – Seek Professional Assistance!

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