Bond Cleaning Gold Coast

Bond Cleans or Exit Cleans are not the same as regular home cleaning. A bond clean is a very thorough and detailed clean and the team at Ulysses Total Cleaning are experts at presenting your rental property for final inspection looking its absolute best.

Real estate agents, property managers and landlords have very high and detailed expectations of what is expected when you finalise a lease. Fortunately, Ulysses Total Cleaning have a wealth of experience in meeting these guidelines.

Moving house is a big task (and an exhausting one!). The last thing you want to face is cleaning the property from top to bottom. Ulysses Total Cleaning takes the hassle out of moving house, providing an exceptional standard of cleaning services for your property and ensuring you get your bond refund in full.

Why choose Ulysses Total Cleaning for your bond clean?

  • Experienced, Reliable, Trustworthy
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Accustomed to meeting Property Managers’ standards
  • We use the highest quality cleaning chemicals and equipment
  • You can book all your end of lease requirements with one company
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • A proven track record of delivering quality results and testimonials from our satisfied customers


Jena Dyco
IICRC Certified
Woolsafe Service Provider
Woolsafe Fibre Care Specialist

Ulysses Total Cleaning provide the best quality Bond Cleaning on the Gold Coast, highly recommended by many Real Estates and Building Managers, our close attention to detail will ensure your inspection passes the fussiest of inspections.
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